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Mission & Vision

To promote the HKUST spirit and creativity, raise artistic awareness and appreciation of arts through different forms of activities including academic-related activities, student-centric activities, official functions, and community events conductive to a thriving campus life and holistic education experience.

To excel in bringing arts, music and other intellectually stimulating events to the University’s more technically oriented students and to their respective communities.


  • To offer students a more diverse exposure with the goal of a well-rounded education by enriching and expanding the scope of academic, performing arts and music programs and activities.
  • To raise the international profile of HKUST and increase students’ and faculty’s exposure to renowned academics and prominent public figures by holding global-scale conferences and events.
  • To foster students’ integration and bonding by providing well-equipped and sizable performance space and regular meeting venues for extracurricular activities.
  • To re-invigorate the cultural landscape of neighboring communities and build a closer relationship with them by providing an ideal venue for events.