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Information and forms for applying venues at the Shaw Auditorium:

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For application of the following venues, please contact the Shaw Auditorium Unit by email ( Application is subject to approval by the Shaw Auditorium Program Committee. 

  • Main Hall

  • Foyer (Garden Entrance)

  • Foyer Exhibition Space

  • Garden

  • Mona Shaw Plaza

  • Multi-purpose Room (G02)

  • Multi-purpose Room (G12)

  • Gallery (106)

  • Gallery (119)

  • Learning/ Dressing Room (112)

  • Learning/ Dressing Room (113)

  • Learning Room Music (103)

  • Learning Room (207)

  • Learning Room Arts (209)

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Booking is subject to availability as indicated on the system. 

  • Practice Room 111 (with upright piano)

  • Practice Room 114 (with upright piano)

  • Practice Room 210 (with music stands)

Practice Rooms Booking

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For any photography and video shootings, please contact the Shaw Auditorium Unit by email ( to obtain a written permission in advance.

For enquiries, please call (852) 2358 5075.